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Safe coffee cup

Prevents spillage of coffee if you fall asleep
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This is an annoying problem - you fall asleep with a half-drunk cup of coffee in your hand, and the inevitable accident happens.

Why not add a tilt sensor and beeper. If the cup slowly starts to tilt more than normal, it beeps alerting you to the problem.

mandoline, Nov 05 2003


       I thought caffeine kept you awake?
DrCurry, Nov 05 2003

       I figure its like smoking in bed -- its dangerous ... DrCurry also has a great point -- if I'm drinking coffee, I'm up ... now an invention that prevents idiots from spilling beer on your carpet I'd buy
Letsbuildafort, Nov 05 2003

       Would it beep whenever you took a sip?
Condiment, Nov 05 2003

       Couldn't you do this with a sippycup?
bungston, Nov 05 2003

       [dintlu]: You might have to work in some sort of lip sensor at the rim of the cup. Doesn't beep if contacted on the top brim.   

       Thinking about it, it would also need a coffee sensor for the inside to judge how far is too far to tip to avoid spilling.
Cedar Park, Nov 06 2003

       I really don't think those coffee cups should be drinking. I mean, really, they don't know how much alcohol they can handle, and they have a safety related job.
swamilad, Nov 06 2003

       [marked–for-deletion] bad science. The beeping is just as likely to make you move your arm the other way, thus still spilling the contents.
neilp, Dec 20 2004

       This is an interesting problem. If the cup had a lid with a special straw, would it be OK?
Not a normal straw, which would burn your mouth, but a straw that opened out into a flare at the top.
This would slow down the speed of the hot coffee, and spread it evenly so it could be quickly cooled when entering your mouth.
Ling, Dec 20 2004

       Aluminum crazy straw?
tiromancer, Dec 20 2004

       How about an attitude sensor that beeps and slams a lid shut on your beverage container when the angle approaches danger?
normzone, Dec 21 2004


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