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Secret of a mug

Hide little amount of your drink in the mug and you can release it once you finish the drink
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Lets think there is a secret compartment in your mug which can be used to hide a some amount of drink. And you can release it once you finish the rest of the part of drink. This will allow you to enjoy your drink again even after you empty your mug. Even this concept does not provide any additional drink you can have a little satisfaction.

The secret compartment can be built inside the handle, at the bottom wall or side wall of the mug such a way that there is no any visual indication that there is a secret compartment.

To hold and release the hidden liquid amount, we can use concepts of suction, static pressure of liquid, atmospheric pressure, surface tension etc.

thilinabo, Apr 06 2023


       Oh if this doesn't already exist you are SO going to fit right in...   

       ...if it does already exist you'll find out real quick.   


pocmloc, Apr 06 2023

       {looks around} Well, if no-one else is going to say it, WTAGIPBAN ! [+]
pertinax, Apr 06 2023

       New blood! Welcome to the land of delicious croissant awarding "nicies" but also anonymous fishbone awarding nasties! Have two of my crumbs (which are worth ten of everyone elses) I'm also the only person here who gets to give two crumbs out at a time. [+ +]
xenzag, Apr 06 2023

       So, this idea is baked .. for gas. Not to give away my age but I had a petroleum motorcycle at one point. If you ran that thing to dry, you actually would still have enough to get to the gas station. The tank, laying 'slung' over the frame, had half that could be utilised to the finished, but another half that due to no hole in its lowest point, kept enough gas in it for a desperate run, if you tipped the bike over and splashed gas over the frame.
mylodon, Apr 06 2023

       Similar to an Assassin's Teapot in design? If not the same, certainly very close.
tatterdemalion, Apr 06 2023

       Cups with hollow handles do of course exist, as an image search will reveal, but the mechanism of releasing their stored contents as an emergency extra seems novel enough to me.
xenzag, Apr 06 2023

       From the title I thought of (existing) mugs with a not-easily seen compartment screwed onto the bottom - not to replenish your drink, but to hide other valuables … money, drugs, etc.   

       I don’t know of one that could give a partial refill though, so that seems new. I’d propose a slightly different use though. Fill the stash with rum or something. Then at the office when you fill the mug with boring coffee, you can discreetly give yours the extra kick your coworkers don’t have.
a1, Apr 06 2023

       Welcome creative person, we've been loosing a lot of bakers here, need new blood. [+]
doctorremulac3, Apr 06 2023

       // petroleum motorcycle //   

       I can't imagine how you'd do that. How do you get a pool of oil to hold the form of a motorcycle before pooling again?   

       Oh, and great idea! [+]
whatrock, Apr 06 2023

       You could always use a shaving scuttle. Nobody knows what they are these days.
21 Quest, Apr 06 2023

       Welcome to the madhouse.
It will also have the positive side effect of a little burst of dopamine, after the disappointment of finishing your drink.
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 12 2023

       ...oh yeah, I almost forgot, don't ever post anything original unless you purposefully do NOT want to patent later and just want to see made reality.   

       This site is, as far as I've been able to determine, correct me if I am wrong...   


       ...THE fastest way to see ideas made reality, if you have absolutely no desire to have said ideas attributed to you yet come to fruition anyway.   


       anyone care to refute that statement?   

       Anyone at all?...   


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