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My Directory

Pull all of the My __ directories into one heirarchy
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This may not be that much of an idea, but I would like to see all of the scattered My ___ directories in one simple tree, that I can backup at will. As I frequently organize my computer dualistically according to 'my stuff' vs. 'stuff that easily gets replaced somehow and therefore doesn't really need a backup,' this would be a nice help.

For instance: Right now in separate trees we have 'Program Files,' 'My Documents,' 'My Shared Folder,' 'My Downloads' etc. I propose to move all of these to subdirectories of 'My' just for a bit of sanity.

In a side rant, I want better automated Start Menu classification. Call me anal, but I hate having 97 companies feel the need to have their own little start menu subgroups; they should self-organize by a standard application type, be it office, games, finance, assistant apps, (like acrobat), networking, imaging, media, hardware apps, programming, etc. That way I won't have to constantly reshuffle 'em.

RayfordSteele, Apr 06 2005

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       All of my 'My...' directories *are* in 'My Documents', (except for the 'Shared Documents' folder, which can't be really).
Those start menu sub-groups can be vetoed on installation, can't they?
angel, Apr 06 2005

       Yes, or changed.
bristolz, Apr 06 2005

       All your base are belong to us?
'hope I die before I get' fold'd.
It's much worse than you describe: Application Data/Documents & Settings/ Program Files/WoodElf Forest/Philisophically bankrupt Pre-emptive Strike/Where are my Program Files?/,etc.
Zimmy, Apr 07 2005

       Be happy and stay out of mounted volume hell. That said, I'm intrigued by your side rant ... but don't get it?
reensure, Apr 07 2005

       Oh, you know... companies from whom you buy one piece of software, that gets Start Menu stashed under the Company name by default, which 6 months later tells me absolutely nothing about what the program is or does. Some programs offer the option to reset the Start Menu subgroup to a custom one, but others don't. Every so often I do some menu pruning, to organize them by application type, and therefore keep Start:Programs to a controllable size.
RayfordSteele, Apr 10 2005

       The whole "My *" folder things was one of those little things that encouraged me to ditch Windows altogether. Do they really know better than I how I want my files classified?   

       The system [Ian] mentioned is even better, and currently can only be weakly simulated by having links to files all over the place.
Detly, Apr 11 2005


       We need a blog for <b>Next OS Organizer</b>
So that the next version of LinMacWin has a single user requested organization of directories.

       Which gives me an idea: (I'll post it separately) Directory Organization Themes and Skins.
pashute, Aug 31 2009


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