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Mystery Funeral Service

Who was that casked man?
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A long, black, beautifully polished hearse pulls into your neighbour's driveway, and disgorges a small team of undertakers, who quietly and efficiently take a polished casket inside the house and emerge a few minutes later, load it carefully inside, pile back into the vehicle and depart with sombre dignity.

You see your neighbour the next day, collecting mail from her mailbox, and cautiously offer your condolences but she appears genuinely baffled. Rebuffed, you try to disengage gracefully.

A week later, you see a remarkably similar crew arrive at the building where you work, and get out of the lift at a floor where a friend works. You later ask the friend whether they knew the deceased and they just look at you with confusion.

You begin to question your own sanity.

UnaBubba, Mar 12 2021


       This should be combined with other services for efficient use of resources. So, when they carry the coffin into the house and then out again, they're not taking a body away, they're delivering your supermarket order.
hippo, Mar 12 2021

       You are so very creepy. What a grim and deranged mind you have at times, Thank God!!!
blissmiss, Mar 12 2021

       During prohibition, over 300 million liters of gin died before being buried in open caskets.
4and20, Mar 12 2021

       I like it, [hippo].   

Or garbage collection

       But it's all very hush-hush, and you don't know exactly what they do until you subscribe.   

       Existing customers are sworn to secrecy.
UnaBubba, Mar 12 2021

       Thanks, [UB]. Anyway, nowadays when people want to transport a dead body they just call up an Uber Hearse. Maybe I’ll post “Uber Hearse” as an idea...
hippo, Mar 12 2021

       Idea strikes!
UnaBubba, Mar 12 2021


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