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Postmortem brain response map

Stimulating different parts of the brain and recording the results for some day when we can reconstruct
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The artificial brain stimulation results will be stored together with a small sample from your marrow cell, embedded inside a hardened drop of amber, together with a mini disk on key, which will include these files, a short autobiography, a video, a CAT scan of your body, and optionally a copy of your picasa and gmail accounts, accompanied by a public read-only access password.

The prime version (which costs an extra $5) will include 12 messages to be opened only 200 years apart and only by people who descend from you. If no-one shows up, the message becomes public within 100 extra years.

pashute, Apr 03 2013


       Imagine if everyone had been doing this for the past 200 years. Do you think those little packages would be like cultural treasures, or would they be like Victorian cheap novellas, sold at flea markets by the yard?
pocmloc, Apr 04 2013

       Any digital storage of the information assumes that the hardware to recognize and read it will be available 200 years from now. I gave up MiniDiscs in the 90's too!
Cedar Park, Apr 04 2013

       My reaction to this idea and ensuant annos is trifold:   

       Point the First: How would one access this recording in a meaningful way? Simply experiencing stimulation of your neural pathways via somebody else's template doesn't mean that you would know what it was like to be them or that their personality would be somehow transmitted or downloaded.   

       Point the Second: Rhinoceros.   

       Point the Third: Minidiscs were the balls! I don't understand why they never took off. I still have some, but no player.   

       Thank you.
Alterother, Apr 04 2013


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