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Mural stencils

Instant murals, just add spraypaint.
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Want a mural? Maybe for your kids room? Don't have the time, or money and patience to hire some out-of-work art student?

Stiff paper stencils in various sizes. The stencils would range in size, large (4x2 metres), very large (6x3 meters) with still larger and much smaller available.
The stencils would be neatly rolled up upon purchase. To use, unroll and tape/pin to the chosen wall. Then use a can of spraypaint to spray on the mural. Remove the stencil and colour in as required.
Would work particularly well with cartoon style murals - Disney, Simpsons, etc.
fergdeff, Jan 14 2005

Banksy http://www.banksy.co.uk/menu.html
[calum, Jan 14 2005]

Stenciled mural http://www.stensour.../stencilsinuse2.htm
Scroll to bottom of page [robinism, Jan 14 2005]

Stenciled mural on TV http://www.hgtv.com...343_1369862,00.html
[robinism, Jan 14 2005]


       Note that spray painting isn't a no-brainer. You can use the wrong distance from the wall, too much paint, clog the can's filter, don't get the stencil close enough; you can forget to cover up pretty much anything else in the room, wait too long before removing the stencil, don't wait long enough, etc.
jutta, Jan 14 2005

       Very true. Instead of spray paint, stencilers often use special stencil paint (thick consistency, so it doesn't run under the stencils) with a fairly dry brush. (stencil brushes have lots of stiff bristles that end flat instead of coming to a point).
robinism, Jan 14 2005

       this would be best done with vinyl contact adhesive cut to the right shape, which would put a negative that sticks directly to the wall - spray then remove. but if u were going to do this u could just use the contact by itself, which would be better if at some stage you wanted to remove it.
benfrost, Jan 15 2005


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