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Pin-head Screwdriver

It is not hands which summon us... but desire. (sorry... lame Hellraiser reference)
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Placing the tip of the pin-head screwdriver against any screw head causes tiny longitudinally triangular carbon fiber rods to press into the recessed cavity and conform to any given screw type.
The triangularity of the pins resists torsional stress.
This allows for one extremely expensive screwdriver to do the work of every other, now redundant, screwdriver in your tool box.


       I think we've done this already (I may be wrong). The problem is that a bundle of parallel rods is much, much, much less stiff than a single rod as thick as the bundle.   

       You might get somewhere if the rods locked together under torque - for instance, by having little ridges and grooves running around each rod, so they couldn't slide past each other when a lateral force is applied.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 11 2015

       ...and if there was something controlling these rods, would that be a Rod Steward?
xenzag, Mar 11 2015

       ...and if it were shaped like a large predatory feline, would it be the Rods Tiger?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 11 2015

       If you spare the rod, do you really spoil the child?   

       Ooh, I like the interlocking spline idea. Like triangular files.
The only idea I could find here close to this one was [Universal Screwdriver].


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