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Nail Nibbler

device to enable nails to be nibbled with impunity
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Some people are constant nail biters, a habit that can persist well into latter life. This is a damaging process, that in severe cases leaves the fingers terminating in rubbery tips devoid of any nails, which are reduced to a shadow of their former presence half-way down the finger end.

There are clearly sets of circumstances where nail biting is almost certain to occur, usually associated with tension relief. Examples include: scary or action/"cliff hanging" scenes in films; waiting for some kind of results to be delivered, etc.

One of the places where nail nibbling occurs most (in my experience) is at educational course planning meetings. These are places of singular, loathsome dread. (well they are at Art colleges by common agreement)

With this in mind, I have devised the Nail Nibbler, and will be presenting an illustrated version (notebook scribble) of this proposed apparatus at the end of this descriptor.

Nail Nibbler is a simple sleave that fits easily over any chosen finger or thumb. Protruding from its end is a length of non-toxic nail material on which the persistent nail-biter can chew with impunity. The experience is exactly similar to that of 'real' nail-biting, except the living nail is safely protected from any damage. Once the Nail Nibbler tip has been reduced in size it can be extended using the simple slider control, and once this has been worn down, a refill can be slotted into place.

Nail Nibbler comes in all sizes, colours and nail types.

Deluxe version features tiny led light to illuminate the nail end.

xenzag, Jun 17 2019

Nail Nibbler Scribble https://sodabred.tu...a-halfbaked-idea-by
[xenzag, Jun 17 2019]


       A nibbler is also a metalworking tool that takes small bites out of sheet metal. I have often thought that conventional nail clippers lack the finesse of a well controlled tooth, and I secretly hoped for a nail nibbler that could give the authentic bitten-nails look, without the indignity of actually using one's teeth.
mitxela, Jun 17 2019

       I was hoping that it was [mitxela]'s nibbler of building nails. The ones in impossible places to remove simply. And screws as well please.
wjt, Jun 19 2019

       That sounds like a nice sensible idea.....
xenzag, Jun 19 2019


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