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Mini tools in holders glued to fingernails
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The Fingernail Extension-Razor-System is handy for any small job, and looks stylin' after the work day is done. The tool holders attach to any or all fingernails with Extreeem-Hold glue, and feature a collection of decorated and decorate-able covers. Just flip up the cover, place any of the humongous selection of tiny tools on the Place-O-Pegs, and snap the cover back into place.

Tool use is intuitive, just scratch, pick, dig or twist. Anything you do with your fingernails is improved with Fingernail-ERS. The tool holders stay on your nails for weeks, barely noticed unless decorated.

You *will* be ready for anything! Nail-sized tools include razor edges, scrapers, scratchers and guitar picks. Medium-sized tools include mini-screwdrivers, cutters, pincers and bug-thumpers. Large tools include blades, keyboard-bashers and nose-hair removers. Collections include artist tools for sculptors, painters and whittlers, letter stamps for machine-free typing, and pet-care products (de-worming tools of all sizes).

Special offer includes a shirt-pocket tool pouch and an extra Tooool-holdR for placing the tiny tools. And an extra packet of SomeTimes glue dissolver.

Look sharp! Be scratchin'!

baconbrain, Jun 21 2006

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The inspiration for Fingernail-ERS. [baconbrain, Jun 21 2006]

Don't forget the original purpose of the human fingers Silverwear
[normzone, Jun 21 2006]

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[po, Jun 21 2006]


       I read in National Geographic of an old man in China who had a fingernail carved into a comb for separating silkworm strands.   

       As a molding technician I modified my nails for similar useful purposes. Probably one of the reasons I decided to change trades.
normzone, Jun 21 2006

       Thanksgiving in your family must be a hoot!
wowmom, Oct 13 2006


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