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Nailpullingpreparer Drill Attachment

Chips out a bit of wood around a nail to facilitate extraction
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This is an simple device with a hex shank for cordless drills. It has two opposed chipping bits with hard surfaces (maybe cobalt tipped) with a space in the center.

The bit can be placed over a nail that you want to remove and by spinning the drill, some wood is chipped out around the nail, which then makes it easy for a claw hammer or other nail puller to grab the head of the nail and pull it out.

Since the nailpullerpreparer won't be stabilized in the center, it may be necessary to include an outer ring that runs on a bearing, doesn't spin and has three short teeth. This would stabilize the tool.

Comes in a few different sizes to accommodate a wide variety of nails and woods.

Maybe I'll send this to Sears/Craftsman.

jmvw, Nov 24 2011

reminds of this, pretty close http://www.baptist....id=25&sid=157&pid=3
[zeno, Nov 24 2011]


       Make it adjustable, rather than needing multiple sizes; a simple 'drill-chuck' style system should do. The stabiliser ring will need to be spring mounted for the downwards 'push'. But a great idea!
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 24 2011

       What's wrong with C4 ?
8th of 7, Nov 24 2011

       //has three short teeth.//   

       So, this will leave three short teethmarks in the wood.   

       Isn't it easier just to grab a chisel (or screwdriver) and give it a couple of whacks with you hand to create indentations either side of the nailhead>
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 24 2011

       Isn't it easier just to grab a small (or large) amout of plastic explosive and give it a whack to create an indentation all around what's left of the nailhead ?
8th of 7, Nov 24 2011

       //So, this will leave three short teethmarks in the wood.//   

       Yes. Not only that, but it leaves a crater around the nail. We don't care. We want to either remove the piece wood or we'll patch the damage.   

       //Isn't it easier just to grab a chisel (or screwdriver) and give it a couple of whacks with you hand to create indentations either side of the nailhead>//   

       That's what I usually do, but I've not found it easy at all. But it is easy to damage a chisel on the nail or hurt your fingers when you're in a rush to get to the real work.   

       A common scenario (for me anyway) is to make an indentation, try to pull the nail, find the craters aren't big enough, make more room then try to pull the nail but damage the nail head, go back and and forth a couple of times and finally realize the claw hammer is now useless on the nail and remove the nail with vise grips.   

       All of this is time consuming.   

       This tool is just a solution that I think would be effective.
jmvw, Nov 25 2011

       [zeno], I like your link. That tool looks quite similar to what I had in mind, even though its purpose is different.
jmvw, Nov 25 2011

       This is just a small hole saw. If you want one with carbide teeth, try a Rotabroach.
Alterother, Nov 25 2011


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