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Rape Preventer

It's basically a pocketpussy vendingmachine
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If you are a woman and feel violated by what i write on this page i deeply apologize. This idea may be deleted if strongly requested. I use ugly words and may seem to take the subject lightly but i am not. If successfull, this idea might help. And; I might just happen to be the one fool who is cynical and imparcial enough to propose it, as i neither have ladyparts nor ever forced myself on a woman.

My basic idea; I propose selling cheap pocketpussies/fleshlights/gentleman's relief tubes in sodacan-type vendingmachines situated primarily at locations where raping repeatedly occours. The purpose being hoping the potentional rapist settles for 10$ worth of lubed silicone and solitary relief instead of violating and scarring women.

(This is my idea, basically. Bun if you like, fish if you hate. The rest of this is just me rambling on struggeling to get my point accross in a foreign language)

The pocketpussys would be cheap, ready to use right out of the box and ideally biodegradeable, recyceable or washable. I imagine the vendingmachines themselves as pretty subtle, possibly touchscreened and offering a vide range, with variations in smell, tightness and product packaging, as to accommodate practically every fetisj. Who wouldn't love limited editions such as the first timer, the goat replica or the banana-smeller? The goal would be to make pp's available, cheap and satisfying enough for males everywhere consistently to rationalize that purchasing a pp and relieving oneself is the far more practical, stressfree and prefered way of releasing tension as single. Ideally eventually noone would even concidder committing the crime of rape to quench one's basic desires. Ideally the purpose of the idea should not be explained when the product is launched, but instead giving media a field-day of covering this new seemingly youth-corrupting franchize, speculating in the pinnacle of global corporate commercializm.

To accomplish this, some factors would help. Availibility and quality would have to be good. Someone would have to be the spokesperson, founder, pr-juggler and public scapegoat when the unnevitable reports of isolated teens pop out, after their mom's find them under a pile of cleenex.

I am not saying my idea would end all rapes glabally instantly, but i say it might help some. And every

NOTE; I submit this idea seriously. Maybe someone picks it up and makes a business of it. I hope so. As the oldest of 5, having 3 sisters, i sometimes overly concern their safety. Were anything to happen to them by act of cruelty, i would stop at nothing, but lately i have been realizing that there might be occations where they might be exposed. Perhaps one of them might be walking drunk disoriented and alone from a party late at night. It might be cold(norwaycold, ice and shit..), she might have lost her phone&wallet, gotten lost from her friends and is trying to stumble her way home through something that looked like a shortcut but turned out to be an unfamiliar alley. Now what happens next..? Given that scenario, i actually wouldn't mind the eyesore of ppvm's openly displaying filthy sextoys for sale everyday. Because; they might -just might(and for that 'till now uncalculated probability)- has helped some potential praying rapist relief himself that night. Perhaps the next time he feels perverted, he buys another. Perhaps even another.. And by continuing to do so, he is provided an alternative perverted abnormality, wich just might be sufficient for him to avoid raping(either again or as a debüt). And wouldn't that be a good thing? This is actually an idea i have ben honing a while, and i might be clinically out of bounds for submitting it. But i genually believe it could work.

And if. Just if. Placing ppvm's in the city's partyareas, outside malls and along walking trails would help reduce raping; -as long as it had some effect, however minor- would you oppose one in your living area because you might have to explain your kids what masturbation is? could you -ten years after boicotting the ppvm's- accept suddenly beeing the parent of a scarred-for-life psycologically broken 15yearold with a missing period and nothing but pain shame and that violated feeling to cling to? Forever be thinking that maybe a ppvm just possibly could have avoided that pain? Or would you man/woman up and be ready to tell them what a pocketpussy is when they ask, explain what it is for, that it probably won't make you blind, and, if at all possible; even strive that last inch and suffer the awkwardness of explaining them that being nice and prefering smiling girlfriends of legal age probably is the way to go, and that good habits like regular grooming, excercising and economic achievement probably will help in that area. The bonus of that last option is that a young man constructing his lifespan based on increasing the possibility to have intercourse with as many girls as physically possible during his lifetime probably will do better in both school life and game than that kid who first discovered girlparts when loosing his virginity, makes his partner pregnant and spend the rest of his life barly sustaining food in their bellies. Where would you like to meet your kid? At the airport twice a year when he finds time off business, or every damned day because he never moved?

Sorry i ramble, i should stop now

remzy, Feb 09 2013

One way ticket. http://www.bing.com...276B2CC&FORM=IDFRIR
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 10 2013]


       Rape isn't about sex, sadly. It's about control and domination.   

       Nothing wrong with your idea... it's just not going to prevent many rapes. Its chief purpose will be, I suspect, outraging conservative politicians and right wing nutjobs. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
UnaBubba, Feb 09 2013

       outraging conservative politicians and right wing nutjobs [+]
Voice, Feb 10 2013

       I echo the above two comments. For what that's worth.
blissmiss, Feb 10 2013

       Yeah... that probably won't prevent rape. This item [link] might prevent it a second time.   

       A real rape preventer would be a small vial of liquid held in a woman's nether-regions. When crushed (like a cyanide capsule) it would release a VERY bad smelling liquid and greenish goo. Who'd wanna rape that?
DIYMatt, Feb 11 2013

       During the Vietnam war, the woman inserted razor blades into their vaginas...that would work.
xandram, Feb 11 2013

       I think that there is a sexual component to rape, but it is UN-PC to say so, because then it makes people question whether the woman had somehow "asked for it".
Kansan101, Feb 11 2013

       //I always wondered if raping a prostitute ought to be considered theft of services, like taking a ride in a taxi cab and not paying your fare, or eating a meal at a restaurant and leaving without paying the bill.//
Wonder no more: it ought not.
calum, Feb 11 2013

       I am not sure that there is much to be gained in turning this into a debate (trans. endless go-round) about rape - I mean, I think we're all agreed that the main point is that rape is not a good thing - but I would like to go on the record as saying that I disagree with every point put forward in your two most recent annotations.   

       As to the idea, this would seem to be directed at preventing the atypical leapt-from-the-shrubbery random rape attack, rather than the more common raped by date, boyfriend or husband type attack.
calum, Feb 11 2013

       I agree 100% about the soldier issue.   

       I was in the military once, because I could not find a job, and needed money to live, and I needed to learn a trade, and I needed money for college eventually. It was not like I had any delusions of saving my homeland, and I think 99% of todays volunteer soldiers think the same way. It is sad when they get hurt or killed, but I have no illusions that they are necessarily great selfless heroes.   

       If we were in a life or death war, or the soldier were a draftee, or paid much less, or went beyond his job description to save others, I would feel differently.
Kansan101, Feb 11 2013

       Interesting discussion. Another example of 21Q being provocative of online discussion combat. I'll wade in despite the subject matter for old times sake. In most jurisdictions sex is not a legally tradeable object so no claim can be made for its theft, however where it is a legal object maybe some civil action can be made for the theft of services. However rape or sexual assualt in more modern language is a crime against the person, and reducing it to a theft trivializes it and also raises the question for which crime an offender will be tried for. Someone who strikes the skull of another with express intent to kill must be tried for either attempted murder or assault and battery, not both, nor with stealing the intellectual property of whatever his victim was thinking at the time. Unless, except for the last reducio absurdum case, both charges constitute separate offences. In the case of sexual assault the same can be applied, and between sex workers and the typical person the law may not be applied equally.
rcarty, Feb 14 2013

       If sexworkers carryed pp's, they could offer to use it on the rapist for free to avoid violent use of their coinpurses..
remzy, Feb 15 2013

       Maybe the answer is in the violent use of coinpurses, and the payment of sex workers in coins rather than large bills, to ensure they have the means to defend themselves, which incidentally will reduce "theft of services" or rape by the magical economics of reducing the price and also increasing the quantity of services supplied by sexworkers to make the same amount of money before they were rendered defenseless by paper money, and inflation.
rcarty, Feb 15 2013


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