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Nanny Collies

extremely well trained nannies
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Nanny Collies are specially bred and trained to care for children. Upon command, Nanny Collies round up and corral groups of children; highly useful at schools, playgrounds and other venues where groups of children congregate. Nanny Collies are also trained to separate a single child from a herd and corral it into a vehicle, bathtub, dentist’s chair, etc., as well as provide playful yet watchful and protective companionship.
nuclear hobo, Jun 13 2007

one man/woman and their dog (usually a collie) http://en.wikipedia...One_Man_and_His_Dog
[po, Jun 13 2007]


       they usually prefer sheep.
po, Jun 13 2007

       I like. [+]   

       However, children are, perhaps, cleverer than sheep, more manipulative and less instinctively respectful of dogs. I'm thinking of situations where the children contrive to suborn the dog in some way, with possibly dangerous consequences. I haven't worked out the details yet.   

       My children regularly play with a very lazy collie, who is not at all interested in taking control of them, but very interested in getting tummy-rubs, etc. (Mind you this particular collie has already been 'fired' from two farms as a working dog, so perhaps she's not a good example).
pertinax, Jun 14 2007

       Come by! Come by! [+]
theleopard, Jun 14 2007


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