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ID Chip Pet Feeder

Uses same technology as "Pet Chip Cat Flap", but for a different application.
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I honestly had this idea on my own, then I remembered a previous idea that used the same technology for a different application... not sure if using it for different application counts as MFD or not, if it does, I apologize.

Anyway, this idea is intended to keep my neighbor's dog from eating my dog's food (I haven't been able to keep the dog out my yard, and it's always gone before I get my B.B. gun out).

The device is simple. A feeder with a flap held closed by a small electromagnet (solar powered, with optional retractable power cord) which only opens for the chip in your dog's collar (or implanted in the dog's body; I think the collar is more humane).

I've seen a dog feeder at Wal-Mart (costs 20 bucks) made of (I think) galvanized steel. It holds 16 pounds of dry dog food, you pour it in through the top, and the lid locks down. The dog accesses the food by pushing open a metal flap with his/her nose, and it swings shut when the dog pulls out. The lid is held shut by weak magnets so it won't blow open in a breeze (to keep out rain and bugs) but the dog can easily push it open. This idea is for the same thing, but for the flap to only open for the chip.

21 Quest, Jan 24 2007

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[21 Quest, Jan 24 2007]


       [+] as long as it's the collar.
skinflaps, Jan 24 2007

       I Google-searched "galvanized-steel pet feeders", but my work computer only let me into one of the links (linky)
21 Quest, Jan 24 2007

       12-Door Round Hog Feeder, sheesh I was going to post that.<skips off whistling against the wind>
skinflaps, Jan 24 2007

       Actually, I was referring the one below the hog feeder.
21 Quest, Jan 24 2007


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