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Hound Hook

A leash-mounted anchor to stop your runaway pup!
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A young dog I know loves nothing more than to run away while on a walk. Choke collars, shock collars, training and bribery with treats won't stop this dog from breaking free from its owners and eventually ending up in the pound. Seeing as how I'm probably not the only one with this problem, here is my proposed solution:

Attached just below the handle of the leash is a device the size of a small folded up umbrella, and operates (mechanically) very similar as well.

As soon as the leash is ripped from the hands of the owners, and falls to the ground, the spring-loaded "umbrella" opens up to form an anchor! The anchor barbs are designed to get caught up in undergrowth, trees, and soft grass to help the owners catch their rotten mutt.

swimr, Jul 11 2009




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