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Nanny Tivo

Learns your preferences and stamps them out
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The other night it took nearly 90 minutes to watch a half hour show because the family of couch potatoes were simultaneously using a number of electronic devices and kept asking for rewinds.

What I need is a DVR that pauses when it detects inattention.

The first thing you'd notice is the silence and a large pair of eyes superimposed on the screen image, glaring at each distracted viewer in turn.

Once all the heads are up, a track would play from the large audio selection:

- I DO hope we're not keeping you from anything!

- Why don't you share it with the rest of us if it's that good?

- This behavior...is unasseptable

- etc

before finally playing the show again.

And of course this idea is just another excuse to announce the latest update at http://bakers-half-dozen.blogspot.com

oscil8, Jul 09 2012

Week ending 2012-06-06 http://bakers-half-dozen.blogspot.com
[oscil8, Jul 09 2012]


       Better if it detects the inattentive family member and starts making rude comments about them, reverting to the usual show as soon as they look up from their iDistractomatic.
pocmloc, Jul 09 2012

       I only vote for this because on the rare occasion I watch tv with the spouse, it is usually a b- rate sci-fi movie and he falls asleep. Then I am subjected to one or more rewatchings. I think this machine should also have a wake up alarm.
dentworth, Jul 12 2012

       Thanks for the update, I enjoy your take on the flow.
normzone, Jul 12 2012

       Date on the BHD is off by a month.
ytk, Jul 12 2012


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