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text your telly
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this must be available somewhere but i can't find it... the idea is to have some kind of plug-in box for your sky+ box which has a mobile phone receiver in it so if you're out and about and realise you're missing your favorite show, lets say eastenders, you just send it a text and it records it for you. i'm guessing it'd get used more for one off programs - when you get that sinking feeling that you're missing that documentary on polar bears / george bush / monstermunch etc. that you saw a sexy trailer for on channel 4 but then promptly forgot all about .
Pat Butcher, Oct 27 2005


       The nice people developing HD televisions are currently in the process of making this happen.   

       My television sent a text to my phone last night to announce this.
skinflaps, Oct 27 2005

       my toaster sent a valentines card to my tumble dryer last year - those two are clearly well ahead of the game.
roy of royworld, Oct 27 2005


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