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'Skip Ads' TV

Allows a user to skip adverts whilst watching live TV
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I hate adverts.

Right -- In the TV there is a hard disk .. when you are watching TV you are watching it very, very slightly slower motion than it is actually happening. So we're talking not noticable -- just about 1/15th slower.

The hard-disk therefore is starting to store up a load of TV. Maybe 10 minutes of TV. You're 10 minutes behind.

NOW -- when the adverts begin .. a button on your remote simply acts as a 'forward fast' -- getting rid of your stored TV adverts which are currently on your hard disk inside the TV .. and forwarding you right past the adverts and into the next bit of your program.

Hey Presto -- no more adverts!

britboy, Feb 20 2004

ReplayTV http://www.replaytv.com
[krelnik, Oct 05 2004]


       And it seems like everybody you're watching is stoned.
calum, Feb 20 2004

       Um, you actually watch TV?
saker, Feb 20 2004

       Tivo's competitor, ReplayTV, briefly had a feature that auto-sensed commercials and did the skip function automatically. They were forced to remove it from their subsequent products after being sued by the TV industry.
krelnik, Feb 21 2004

       I posted a idea similar to this once, except that the viewer was charged a certain amount on the monthly entertainment source bill for each ad skipped, depending on the time of day it aired, etc.
waugsqueke, Feb 21 2004


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