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Smart TV

Log the history of TV usuage pattern for one week and repeat it automatically every week
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Have a chip in TV which records the TV usuage pattern for one week where it records every change in channel, the timings for the day of week. After one week the TV changes to SMART mode where it repeats the above pattern for week after week after week. Whenever the viewer changes his pattern that too is recorded and takes effect for the next cycle.

Useful for people watching fixed set of channels for viewing soap opears,etc., also can give the history of viewership if a company can somehow read the pattern.

b_subbu, Jul 05 2003


       The TV should use this data to automatically set the channel whenever you turn on the TV.
phundug, Jul 05 2003

       What that there Mr. Tiger feller said (Boob tube, et al.).
thumbwax, Jul 05 2003

       You could market a remote control that would
1. Turn the TV on
2. Flip through the channels
3. Announce “There’s nothing on”
4. Shut the TV off.

       For added convenience, make it automatic.
Amos Kito, Jul 05 2003


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