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"I just need fifteen minutes, or maybe an hour"...
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Napman is my secret superhero identity - OK, maybe not so secret now.

Much like Clark and Superman, I am not recognized when I remove my glasses and lay down for a quick recharge.

And given my extremely rich dream life, it's only appropriate that I donate some of my time to fighting crime while I'm sleeping.

(shouts and wakes self up) "Damn - he got away again. Oh well, at least the city is safe for the moment".

normzone, May 08 2007

world’s sleepiest super hero http://www.if.com.a...9/28.html#item11094
[nuclear hobo, May 08 2007]

the incredible napman http://www.emiliano...tures.blogspot.com/
[nuclear hobo, May 08 2007]

long underwear and bathrobe http://k-srasra.blo...0/costume-swat.html
[nuclear hobo, May 08 2007]

Hey, here we are! http://www.powernap...com/d/20110617.html
[normzone, Nov 01 2012]


       A big "Z" on your leotard, I imagine?
jutta, May 08 2007

       That would be a string of 'Z's. Baked. [links]
nuclear hobo, May 08 2007

       That other guy's not real. I dreamed him.
normzone, May 08 2007

       ...batteling his arch nemesis; Insomniac!   

       norm, your nap is soooo soft and smoooth...
po, May 08 2007

       And I like the nape of your neck as well, [po].
normzone, May 10 2007

       Get a room, you two! ;-)
pertinax, May 10 2007

       //A big "Z" on your leotard// which transforms into an "N" when you lie down, completely disguising your identity.
spidermother, Nov 01 2012


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