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Ninja Librarian

Ask for a book, any book.
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Ninjas, love them or loath them, you can't see them.

He lives in an old deserted library containing rare and mysterious books. If you want to read them (and all the super-villans do for the amazing power they contain etc) then you have to sneak in and hope that he won't nunchuk you before you have a chance to riffle through a set of index cards.

All the stories about the Ninja Librarian are about him

a) finding and collecting mysterious books and getting in adventures

b) guarding mysterious books from super-villans and crooks

c) meeting up with his pals: Samurai Postman, Sumo Taxi-Driver and Noh-Lollipop Lady

zen_tom, Jul 10 2004


       so this catalogue system is not on computer yet?
dentworth, Jul 10 2004

       What a great idea. It makes so much sense.
bigdooky, Jul 10 2004

       i forgot his other pal, Ronin Pizza Delivery Boy
zen_tom, Jul 18 2004


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