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Train ducks to be ninjas
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I think it would be awesome if someone trained a few ducks to be ninjas! The ducks could wear karate suits or little black masks and fight eachother! It would be funny, weird, and awesome!!!
pinkgorillagirl, Sep 25 2001

Joshua Ellingson: Ninja Duck http://www.joshuael...olio/ninjaduck.html
"... a crime-comedy about a duck that kills people for jaywalking." [jutta, Sep 25 2001]


       Except when they gang-rape to procreate.
st3f, Sep 25 2001

       UB has previous lives.
lewisgirl, Sep 25 2001

       I am descended from a long line that my mother unfortunately fell for.
lewisgirl, Sep 25 2001


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