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Shut your eyes!
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Modern computing machines often have eyes (aka cameras) fitted to their upper bezel. This is all very well but there are two potential objections. 1) that nefarious algorithms or individuals may use the camera to peep at one’s person, and 2) that one is evolutionarily adaptated to notice and react to eyes peeping at onesself.

To combat both of these things, the iLid is a small very thin plastic fitting. Self-adhesive on the rear, it attaches to the bezel of one’s computational device. When the small integral sliding cover is flicked upwards the iLid is open, and the camera can observe things in front of it. However, when this functionality is no longer desired, the sliding cover is flicked downwards and the iLid now completely covers and conceals the camera lens, both blocking the view from the machine and also hiding the lens from human observation.

The iLid is shaped like the fleshy surround of a human (or animal) eye, and is available in black, white and flesh-toned options.

An optional and non-fuctional add-on, the iLash, is a hairy fringe that can be glued around the edge of the iLid.

pocmloc, Apr 18 2013

Why is everyone covering up their laptop cameras? https://www.theguar...artphone-cover-tape
[pocmloc, Sep 11 2017]


       Can this do eye of Sauron?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 18 2013

       Depends what you mean by //do eye of Sauron//.   

       In terms of all seeing opressive watching, I believe that is already well-baked and indeed is the issue being addressed by this idea.   

       In terms of looking like the silly flaming cat-eye special effect in the films, I suppose in theory it could but that is rather at odds with the entire thrust, detail and point of the idea, so I am going to say “no”.
pocmloc, Apr 18 2013

       I think he means if the lids can open sidewards.   

       [+] even something as simple as a solenoid mechanism. Keeps dust off the lens when not in use and makes it obvious whether the camera is on or off.
FlyingToaster, Apr 18 2013

       Gotta put some music on, so it'll go to sleep...
lurch, Apr 18 2013

       If they open sideyways they are not lids, no?
pocmloc, Apr 18 2013

       no, but iNictitator sounds like you just obtained a tuber by theft.
lurch, Apr 18 2013

       I wouldn’t be suprised. However a search came up empty-handed.
pocmloc, Apr 18 2013

       No relation to the iLiad, just out of interest?   

       Oh actually, I was after the flamey-wamey eye effect, could be done with back projection onto one of them fabric fake flames. Maybe 3ft x 3ft.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 19 2013


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