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Power Screwdriver with different gears

1-10,000 RPM for driving screws.
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When you put a screw into a piece of electronic equipment, the screw goes in easily. Therefore set the power screwdriver into high gear and you will get a screw in in less than a seconds.

When driving screws into wood, you can set the screwdriver to 78 rpm then when the screw gets tight, flip a lever and finish at 1 rpm.

Amishman35, Jul 23 2002


       So much for the slow screws, Dremel goes from 5,000 to 30,000 for the quickies.
thumbwax, Jul 23 2002

       Dremel tool does not function well for driving screws- this has been tested. Necessity is the mother of all..fuck it, I was baked.
Mr Burns, Jul 24 2002


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