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Nibbly Hat

What to do with your children at cocktail parties?
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The nibbly hat is somewhat like a modified sombrero, to fit children - this could also work with midgets if handy. Chips, biscuits, olives, cheese, dip etc is placed around the top of the hat and the child (aged 8-10 depending on required height) simply wanders about the party stopping here and there as requested.

A waistband/harness type of apparatus could fit around their waist to trail a small cart filled with drinks.

A simplified adaptation could be the Adolescent Ash-Hat so as when your cigarette needs to be put out, an ashtray is only a click of the fingers away.

benfrost, Mar 06 2001

Baked. http://www.wweek.co...ml/leada063099.html
Scroll down a bit for a photo. [PotatoStew, Mar 06 2001]

Nacho hat (.wav) http://www.thesimps.../files/nachohat.wav
Homer Simpson exults in his nacho hat; though this hat is meant to be eaten by its wearer. [Uncle Nutsy, Mar 06 2001]

juice jamboree! http://www.ephemeranow.com/av/av281.htm
[benfrost, Oct 25 2005]


       "Mmmm ... delicious cheese. Full bodied, young but not impertinent, with just a touch of Fedora on the palate."
1percent, Apr 05 2001

       This idea actually brings back some rather disturbing memories of one of my mother's tupperware parties... ::shudder::
ichinichi, Jul 02 2001

       Stupid question: where do i get one... how do i make one?
cabbage, Jan 02 2002

       LOL! And I thought *I* was cruel to my kids...
phoenix, Jan 02 2002

       How did I ever miss this? Add a gyroscopically stabilised hat platform to set drinks on, and I'll take... er... hmm.
Detly, May 03 2005

       evil [+]
Voice, May 20 2013


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