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Nigerian Scammer Fortune Cookies

No, Really; You Just Inherited a Fortune From a Dead Mongolian Helicopter Magnate
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No more vague references to good fortune coming your way! Now you can pop open that nasty little flour and sugar cookie to discover that "...The National Central Bureau of Interpol enhance by the United Nations and Federal Bureau of Instigation has successful pass a mandate to the current President of South Africa his Excellency President Jacob Zuma to boosts the exercise of clearing all foreign debts owed to you and other individuals and organization who has been found not to have receive their Contract Sum, Lottery/Gambling, Inheritance and the likes of 4.6 million dollars US..." Naturally, the little paper messages may have to be a bit longer.

The lucky recipients (basically, everyone at the table) will be feeling so great after reading their respective fortunes that they'll all be fighting for the right to pay the check and will want to rush home and wait by the phone.

Grogster, Dec 08 2011


       I will be the first to annotate this idea. +
xandram, Jun 27 2013

       May a thousand dead Mongolian helicopter magnates bless you with good fortune, madam!
Grogster, Jun 27 2013

       Off topic, but I have taken to spamming my cow-orkers who will not address their corrective actions in a timely manner - it works better than more professional pressures.   

       Hot Russian Girls Want You To Address CA 0149   

       8 Million Dollars USA In Bank Account of CA 0149 Need Your Help   

       Buy Now - Stock Price Bound To Go Up Of CA 0149   

       You get the idea - it works in a couple of days generally.
normzone, Jun 28 2013

       HA!!!! [NZ], that's brilliant! I might try that one where I work... <here's GROG wishing he could bun an anno>
Grogster, Jun 28 2013

       Help me! I am trapped in a Nigerian Scammer cookie factory!
popbottle, Jun 28 2013

       "The Federal Patents and Halfbaked Ideas Office has awarded you a bun on the Official Halfbakery Internet website. In order to accept it, all that is needid is for you to sned a letter with a snall payment to ...
pashute, Jul 01 2013

       To see your fortune, please log onto www. . . .
phundug, Jul 01 2013


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