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"Sleep with him" fortune cookies

"Sleep with him" fortune cookies
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Fortune cookies where the message says "sleep with him" or maybe something less direct, to entice a guy's date to, well, sleep with the guy.

A Chinese restaurant could start giving these out, and it would be a secret among guys in an area, and their business would do really well.

Or maybe they could sell them on line and guys could do the ol' switcheroo when the lady is in the bathroom.

Either way, this is clearly one of the best ideas on HalfBakery.

EdwinBakery, Nov 22 2010

It all starts here http://www.fancyfor...Articles.asp?ID=176
[Phrontistery, Jun 09 2012]


       Sake didn't work as planned, eh?
daseva, Nov 22 2010

       //Either way, this is clearly one of the best ideas on HalfBkaery.// - on a par with your spelling.
hippo, Nov 22 2010

       I'm glad I haven't gone to this restaurant with my father!!!
xandram, Nov 22 2010

       So am I! ;o)
DrBob, Nov 22 2010

       So is your mother! ;o
blissmiss, Nov 22 2010

       She hates fortune cookies, as it happens.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 22 2010

       As I found out, to my cost...
hippo, Nov 22 2010

       Clearly you have missed your audience.
gnomethang, Nov 22 2010

       How about one that says "Ditch that loser. Hook up wtih HIM - ->" with the arrow pointing to the adjacent table, where a stealthy outsider is sitting.
DrWorm, Nov 23 2010

       Sleep with him... In bed!
Alx_xlA, Nov 23 2010

       "for $10 tip we put rohypnol in his drink instead of yours" (sorry, just following the chain)
FlyingToaster, Nov 23 2010

       "He tried to bribe us into putting something in your drink. Cops are on the way, keep smiling and pretend that everything is normal"
Custardguts, Nov 23 2010

       That wasn't chicken, but he is. He can't ask you back to his place.
Cedar Park, Nov 23 2010

       I cry when I make love to a woman.   

       It's not emotional... It's the pepper spray.
MikeD, Nov 23 2010

       // I'm glad I haven't gone to this restaurant with my father!!! //   

       That statement assumes you actually know who he is ....
8th of 7, Nov 24 2010

       A good restaurant should try to help facilitate courtship as daters are a major customer base.
rcarty, Feb 25 2011

       There's a lot of cynicism in this thread, which is not what I've come to expect from the bakery/2. I found my dream girl using this method; I'd been looking for someone who would slavishly followed instructions buried inside food. I have to say, our marriage has been a dream ever since I discovered the mixed boxes of "do his ironing" and "put the dinner on" cookies. Life simply can't get any better.
Fishrat, Jun 06 2012

       "take your shoes off when you're in the kitchen, you might slip and hurt the baby"
po, Jun 06 2012

       You know, I'm pretty sure that every now and then they toss a "Jam a hot curling iron up your husband's arse while he's asleep" into those assortments, just to keep it interesting.   

       Anyway, what happens when you give her one of those popsicles that have riddles printed on the stick? Does she dutifully throw her clock out the window?
ytk, Jun 06 2012

       What if she goes home with the waiter who brought the cookie?
doctorremulac3, Jun 06 2012

       Well, I certainly wouldn't leave him a tip. That's for damn sure.
AusCan531, Jun 06 2012

       That's a Benny Hill skit right there, punchline and everything. I'm bunning this for the fine bit of humor it inspired.
doctorremulac3, Jun 08 2012

       Not exactly an Oscar for Best Screenplay, but one takes what one can get I suppose.
AusCan531, Jun 08 2012

       I'm not against sexual promiscuity at all, but actively encouraging it in such an overt manner carries with it the risk of increasing the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies. The cookie should contain a spermicidal- lubricated condom.
Alterother, Jun 09 2012


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