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Personalized Photographic Nutrition Information

Helping idiots eat right.
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Here's how it works: you upload your full body/frontal picture into a software program. It would be most useful on a phone, lets make it an iPhone app. When you order you first choose the restaurant in the app (many diet plans already have nutritional databases that support this) and then what you want to order. The program then manipulates that picture to predict what eating said food will do to you in the long term. A good meal may have no effect, a healthy one stretches your picture vertically, a fatty meal stretches your picture hozizontally, and a venti caramel frappuccino with xxx caramel and whipped cream on the top and bottom results in "x" marks over your eyes, or maybe reverts to a picture of a really big casket being loaded into a grave.

Maybe the app could be upgraded to have more specific changes, like adding love handles, but that would take some nifty 3d modeling work.

DIYMatt, Jul 21 2009


       So ordering one item on the menu would lead to my doom? As if I am always at the point of choosing an "all cream soda diet" to my own peril and only my cell phone is there to protect me from absolute dietary indiscretion.   

       I doubt that any single meal if eaten exclusively would be healthy.
WcW, Jul 21 2009

       Might be a bit fun. Slider widgets on fat, carbohydrates, sugars, minerals, vitamins, water and additives affect the photo. A button leads to a look up database of how the meals would look by ingredients. All zero sliders except sugars would give meals 24/7 of candy floss.
wjt, Jul 21 2009

       @WcW, you're missing the point - it represents the nutritional data of the food graphically, for idiots who don't know that drinking a venti vanilla latte made with 20oz of half and half won't make them fat.
DIYMatt, Jul 22 2009

       /drinking a venti vanilla latte made with 20oz of half and half won't make them fat./   

       It won't make them fat, unless they have a whole lot of it.. Eat in moderation.
christjan08, May 16 2012


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