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No listicles

Make a plugin and stop listacles with them
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This browser plugin would eliminate from search results all pages with titles starting with a number, having a number followed by an adjective, or starting with "these or "this" followed by a number, and the like. So phrases such as the following would be eliminated: "these 10 amazing", "10 campers that", "10 amazing"
Voice, Aug 18 2022

Clickbait Killer https://chrome.goog...jgpaimhingjekdnifhb
Attempts to remove clickbait 'listicles' (from the likes of Taboola, Revcontent etc) from any web page you visit. [a1, Aug 18 2022]

What are listicles? https://2xecommerce...les-buzzfeed-style/
ok, now I know. [pashute, Aug 23 2022]


       [+] for trying to remove them from search results, though at least one plugin (link) tries to block them on pages you're viewing. Your version might be better implemented as a search engine option, akin to Google's SafeSearch -- though G would never do it. It might fit better on sites like DuckDuckGo.
a1, Aug 18 2022

       I read the title with a Greek inflection.   

       "No Listicles! Down boy! Bad Listicles... baaad."   

       What's a Greek infection?
pashute, Aug 23 2022

       // What’s a Greek infection? //   

       Microbes used for culturing yogurt.
a1, Aug 23 2022

       Oh no! Pericles testicles are now in listicles? What spectacles these be!
UnaBubba, Aug 25 2022


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