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No longest day

Forever summer
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It’s that sad time of the year, the longest day is gone. I wish I always had 14 hour days. The idea is to launch a set of satellites, just big mirrors that reflect extra sun light at dusk and dawn. I don’t mind so much the cold but the dark, so the mirrors don’t have to reflect infrared or ultra violet. They just have to reflect the visible light when I get up and until I go to bed. Could also save a few nuclear power plants because people are done cooking before they need lights.
kbecker, Jun 21 2004


       <sigh> Typically hemispherically insensitive. <sigh>
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 21 2004

       14 hours?! 16 here.
bristolz, Jun 22 2004

       16 hours of daylight, how do the birds ever know when to sleep? Yeah I'm jealous. I'm not a morning person and it takes me 2 to 6 hours of daylight to get into the mood for work.   

       [CF] quit whining if you live at the equator! If you live south of that get your own satellite.
kbecker, Jun 22 2004

       Does that mean the shortest day of the year has passed for us? Bring on summer!
Lacus Trasumenus, Jun 22 2004

       [bz]: 17 hours 20 minutes here!
angel, Jun 22 2004

       Lighting up the night with space-borne solar reflectors is not a new idea. The Russians are possibly the farthest along with it, as they want to extend the growing season of their farm belt.   

       But if you really are afraid of the dark, simply spend your longest summer above the Artic circle and below the Antarctic, depending on the time of year.
DrCurry, Jun 22 2004

       [bz]: 18 hours 38 minutes here
FarmerJohn, Jun 22 2004

       Too hot here in Texas.   

       Hmmmm... I guess I really do live in the desert. Which is funny because I live next to a lake. The water level drops by about 2 feet during the summer.
DesertFox, Jun 22 2004

       << waits for [Hollajam] to boast about how long her daylight hours are in Anchorage >>
bristolz, Jun 22 2004

       ..and how long her winter nights are!
angel, Jun 22 2004


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