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Music-modulated EM-field generator

For fighting crappy music.
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This Electro-Magnetic field generator is modulated with music you don't like, which induces harmless currents in your neighbors' stereos as long as they are turned off or playing music that is sufficiently different from bad music.

Disgusting music, however, would enter into resonance with the induced currents, burning the equipment and thus bringing blissful silence.

xipetotec, May 01 2007


       Isn't this called "radio"?
m_Al_com, May 01 2007

       The idea is if someone is listening to music you dont like, something explodes.
Night, May 01 2007

       Radio, too, does generate an EM-field. The difference is, radio is intended for voluntary reception (and thus requires a specialized receiver contraption).
xipetotec, May 01 2007


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