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Noise canceling toilet seat

State of the art electronics silence even the loudest rectal roar.
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A toilet seat with built in noise cancellation helps to eliminate those embarrassing outburst. No more trying to hold it back or waiting for your unwelcome audience to leave the restroom. Now you can have a sit down in peace and quite and so can every one else
duroncrush, Feb 18 2004

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       I don't know... I think that takes a bit of the fun out of it all.   

       "Nothing is quite so over-rated as sexual intercourse, or quite so under-rated as mere defecation." - Mark Twain (paraphrased slightly).
zigness, Feb 18 2004

       what the hell is wrong with you, noises and smells in a public bathroom are probably the most entertaining parts of using a public restroom, plus the sounds and smells should be an efficient people repellant in the first place
morbiddesire, Feb 19 2004

       Good idea, but it needs a better explanation
sheep, Feb 19 2004

       <on and on like a broken record> Baked in Japan. </oaolabr>
DrBob, Feb 19 2004

       First of all this idea is impossible to implement. noise cancellation works perfectly on fixed or predetermined frequency sounds. So the I dont see it working. But as a concept i give it to you.
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 19 2004

       Why don't we put a ticket machine in the toilet, and every time you have to be a little louder than usual, it will print you fines according to how loud you are. You'd be surprised how quiet we can become then !! :) The silence of the farts!! Coming soon in a toilet near you:)
irinel, Feb 19 2004

       Rather than noise cancellation, I'd rather see a tape recorder. And have the funniest sounds played back again and again.
phundug, Feb 19 2004


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