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Pedal-activated toilet door catch

For commercial venues
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Instead of relying on a bolt to stop the cubicle door being opened from the outside, the lock consists of a lever operated catch mounted on the door frame operated by a pushrod running in an armoured tube connected to a floor pedal.

When the cubicle user stands on the pedal, the door is locked. Continuous pressure keeps the door locked. When the user leaves, stepping off the pedal releases the door.

8th of 7, Nov 05 2013


       So as soon as you are comfortably seated the door is free to be opened? Nice touch!
pocmloc, Nov 05 2013

       The pedal is positioned so that it is possible to keep the door locked while seated by applying modest pressure.
8th of 7, Nov 05 2013

       //Instead of relying on a bolt//   

       Thank gods - this idea cannot come a moment too soon. Finally, we can get rid of that most complex and unreliable mechanical contrivance, the bolt.   

       With its panoply of intermeshing parts and its reliance on the continued existence of the laws of physics, the bolt is a precarious way to ensure your defaecatory privacy.   

       You may have a suspiciously dark croissant.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 05 2013

       21Quest is right, put the lever in the seat, no dudes need to lock the door for a standing leak. But everyone requires quiet solitude for a relaxing dump. Women can have privacy for urination and defecation because they sit for both.   

       Sorry but these are the considerations for this idea. *wunk*
rcarty, Nov 05 2013

       //Women can have privacy for urination and defecation because they sit for both.//   

the porpoise, Nov 05 2013

       //possible to keep the door locked while seated// assuming the user has a lower leg length longer than the rise of the throne.   

       Putting the pedal in the seat would also cater to seat-squatters and over-partition-peepers.   

       Though if it were in the seat it would no longer be a pedal. Anal perhaps?
pocmloc, Nov 06 2013

       //Putting the pedal in the seat// - does no one else stand up in order to give their nether regions a post-defacatory wipe with toilet paper? This might not be the ideal moment for someone to burst into the cubicle through the (now unlocked) door.
hippo, Nov 06 2013

       Depends what you like, [hip] ...
8th of 7, Nov 06 2013

       I assumed the seat mechanism wouldn't be body weight actuated, but instead raising and lowering the seat unlocked and locked the door.
rcarty, Nov 06 2013

       // if it were in the seat it would no longer be a pedal. Anal perhaps? //   

       Only if the latch/opener mechanism is actuated by the contraction of one's anal sphincter.
Alterother, Nov 06 2013

       I don't usually say this, but why?
Voice, Nov 06 2013

       Perhaps there should be a complex mechanical interlock between the pedal and the arsenal (?) so that the door remains locked whether you are standing or seated or any other position resting on the seat or on the floor.   

       A simpler and more universal implementation of this involves mounting the entire cubicle on a spring-loaded lever. The weight of the occcupant would lower the entire cubicle by a small amount to engage the lock. Flexible couplings would be needed to connect the water and sewage pipes.   

       Not sure then how you would get out though.
pocmloc, Nov 06 2013

       Use the escalator.
Alterother, Nov 06 2013

       [pocmloc] Jump in the air while pushing on the door, of course.
hippo, Nov 07 2013

       [pocmloc], what you're proposing is expensive, unnecessarily complex, failure- prone, difficult to install and maintain, and lacking insight into the actual problem requiring solution.   

       A bright future beckons you - we understand Boeing are recruiting …
8th of 7, Nov 07 2013

       //does no one else stand up in order to give their nether regions a post-defacatory wipe with toilet paper?//
This is an interesting thing. On another forum the topic of bum-wiping cropped up, with a roughly 50/50 split between people saying "you wipe your bum standing up?! What is wrong with you?!" and people saying "What is wrong with you?! you wipe your bum sitting down?!" I suppose people just tend not to talk about it, and come to their bum-wiping routine independent of social pressure. This might, indeed, be fertile ground for a rigorous study of the impact of social forces on wholly private behaviour.

       //This might not be the ideal moment for someone to burst into the cubicle through the (now unlocked) door.//
... and you with a clump of white loo roll wedged between your buttocks like a Poundland Playboy bunny.
calum, Nov 07 2013

       And more than 50% of the world's population would say "You *wipe* your bum? What's wrong with you?"
spidermother, Nov 07 2013

       //On another forum the topic of bum-wiping cropped up// - in a way, I am somewhat relieved (no pun intended) that there are specialist forums for this kind of thing.
hippo, Nov 07 2013

       // a roughly 50/50 split //   

       That's a really ugly image, right there ...
8th of 7, Nov 07 2013

       Truth is profane. I suppose wiping sitting down creates more of an illusion of not doing anything just sitting here innocently with my hands well in my lap.
rcarty, Nov 07 2013

       So you reach down the front to wipe? Amazing!
pocmloc, Nov 07 2013

       No actually I lift my leg and go through the side.
rcarty, Nov 07 2013

       O that's alright then.   

       Which leg?
pocmloc, Nov 08 2013

       The brown one.
AusCan531, Nov 08 2013

       That's another really ugly image, right there ...
8th of 7, Nov 08 2013

       [+]... and... I would suggest a suitably rough carpet runner for those adventuresome souls who might prefer to wipe their bum by dragging it along the floor like a dog (judging from the look on most dogs faces, it is a pleasurable experience). Sensors could indicate when the carpet runner is used for that purpose, so carpet runner on a roll (with a takeup reel, of course) seems to make the most sense from a half-baked hygienically-minded perspective... Once the prospective wiper is down on the floor, and after a suitable wiping distance, said wiper might actually be past the door, perhaps negating the need for a latch in the first place. Oh, and one more thing: I'm glad evolution never provided humans with long ivory tusks.
Grogster, Nov 08 2013

       That's yet another really ugly ... oh, what's the use ?   

       <wanders off to consider deleting entire idea>
8th of 7, Nov 08 2013

       I'm delighted I could be of service...
Grogster, Nov 08 2013

       //of service// you mean lying prone on the floor...?
pocmloc, Nov 09 2013

       Well, it would be an improvement on his usual pose of lying prone in a gutter …
8th of 7, Nov 09 2013

       Ahhh, the good old days... (hey, where's my wallet?)
Grogster, Nov 10 2013

       Double good for janitors. Complicated mechanism will take hours to fix and might involve some tile work. Overtime!   

       Will be easier then cawing under the stall door to release the pranksters bolt. Just push the brick off the foot pedal with your mop.
popbottle, Nov 10 2013

       aww, I thought this would be a bicycle pedal type of thing, where if you want privacy you have to do a workout. The pedal could run a dynamo, which powers a small bluetooth device that sends a wireless message to the rfid low power consumption mechanism in the door, replacing the bolt with some other type of lightening, to zap the person trying to enter.
pashute, Nov 11 2013


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