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Outside loo

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Since someone is putting a wooden box into orbit,how about an outdoor toilet.

Explore the terror of finding there no loo paper...in space..

not_morrison_rm, Sep 02 2021

Never To Grow Older - [8of7] Never_20To_20Grow_2...er_20-_20_5b8of7_5d
[Skewed, Sep 03 2021]

A loo with a view https://twitter.com...1433192632457564160
Inspiration mission cupola. Right next to the loo. [Frankx, Sep 03 2021]


       That was quick
not_morrison_rm, Sep 02 2021

       I'm not sure an outside loo in space is baked. I also can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work; exposing your skin to space for a short period of time shouldn't have any ill effects. Yes, space is cold, but it's actually quite hard to lose heat energy to space very quickly just through radiation, and you wouldn't explode either - the pressure difference between normal atmospheric pressure and the zero-pressure of space just isn't enough. The most challenging thing would be separating 'waste products' from your body without the assistance of gravity.
hippo, Sep 02 2021

       Could make it rotate to provide artificial gravity
pocmloc, Sep 02 2021

       //Could make it rotate// - with the added benefit of making it a more amusing spectacle for your crew-mates looking out of the space-station window
hippo, Sep 02 2021

       and probably the door wouldn’t stay shut…
xandram, Sep 02 2021

       If the rotation were fast enough everything that wasn't original equipment could be pulled from your posterior thus eliminating (ha!) the need for loo paper.
whatrock, Sep 02 2021

       //The most challenging thing would be separating 'waste products' from your body without the assistance of gravity//   

       That wouldn't be a problem, presuming some sort of bum flap in your suit with a modestly effective seal to the bits of you around your bum.   

       The pressure differential should help suck it out pretty effectively.
Skewed, Sep 02 2021

       //the door wouldn’t stay shut//
//bum flap in your suit//

Both good ideas - I wasn't imagining there being any kind of structure, with or without a door, and was thinking the astronaut would just lower the 'trouser' part of their spacesuit
hippo, Sep 02 2021

       ^ I pictured a wooden outhouse with a half moon on the door!   

       …orbiting Uranus.
xandram, Sep 02 2021

       This, rather icky, conversation is leading us stealthily in the direction of Bethselamin, I believe.
DrBob, Sep 02 2021

       //a glass dome, called a cupola, that SpaceX is installing at the nose of the capsule// Oh come on, cupola, capsule... does no-one have any spare Rs in their Pun Department? Yes, spare Rs...?
pocmloc, Sep 02 2021

       ^ That's quite a loo!   

       On the downside, from a cupola you might view your recent remains when the system ejects your ejecta. ICPOO.
whatrock, Sep 02 2021

       [pocmloc] Oh, ok! I’ve got an r and a p… hmm, here’s a couple of o’s   

       So it’s the Poopola, on the top of the Crapsule.   

       All good now?
Frankx, Sep 02 2021

       In the voice of the Borg "my work is done".Where is that crusty bugger anyway?
not_morrison_rm, Sep 02 2021

       [Hesitates, unsure]   

       Umm, [not_morrison] have you been absent for a bit?
Skewed, Sep 02 2021

       ...does it involve throwing flowers into grave..
not_morrison_rm, Sep 03 2021

       Only if you really wanted to annoy him.   

       A eulogy laser-branded onto cats would probably be better received   

Frankx, Sep 03 2021

       m-f-d- rescinded. I seem to have misread the idea.
Voice, Sep 03 2021

       Yes I'm afraid so, still not clear on how, only that it was unexpected.   

Skewed, Sep 03 2021

       Thank you [xandram]. I'd have been inconsolable if there hadn't been a Uranus joke in the annotations.
AusCan531, Sep 03 2021

       "In space, no-one can hear you..."   

       Well, no one can hear you do anything really, unless you deliberately broadcast it. That's disgusting, why would you do that?   

       The outdoor spaceloo would at least preserve discreteness for those inside the capsule.   

       Arrangements for Inspiration fall short of that. But how's that for "A loo with a View" [link]
Frankx, Sep 03 2021

       If the mission on the loo were rather lengthy* would there be any detrimental effects to one's bum sitting in vacuum?   

       * the latest article in the Morning Lunatic about the effects of micrometeorites on space travelers might take a while.
whatrock, Sep 03 2021

       [AusCan] it was a later edit because I thought it was so stupid and the worst joke ever, but glad you liked it! You’re welcome, I don’t mind being a little stupid!
xandram, Sep 03 2021

       There's just something magical about having the toilet at the top of the rocket.   

       Anyone remember the Capsela toys? Oddly clear bits of motors, gears, and such that you could build doodads out of. There's pun potential here somewhere.
RayfordSteele, Sep 03 2021


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