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inebriated monkey category

A place for those philologically challenged ideas
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I once had an idea whose philological merits were compared to the rantings of a monkey that fell off the wagon. I'm sure I'm not the only one who comes up with the occasional gem of linguistic outre. I propose a drunk tank for ideas. A place for them to sober up until they're presentable in the more refined areas of the half bakery.
Voice, Jun 25 2010

Ideas like this one? Chimp_20Labor
Click. You know you want to. [kevinthenerd, Aug 03 2010]


       Not the same [21]. Your idea centers around drunken halfbakers and drinking. Mine centers around poorly written ideas. Yours is about halfbaking while drunk and applauds linguistic oddness, mine requests a place to go to and sober up (be rewritten)
Voice, Jun 25 2010

       // Mine centers around poorly written ideas //   

       There's a truly beautiful recursive symmetry there, [Voice], if only you could see it.
8th of 7, Jun 25 2010

       I really can't, 8th. Do tell me precisely what problem you have with this one.
Voice, Jun 25 2010

       Maybe he's saying this idea is poorly written? I suppose I see one fault with it: why should the drunk thing be incorporated here? That's just confusing and begging for people to chew on the confusion. If the idea is for a place for incomplete ideas, then this should be focused upon throughout and not be mired by other ideas. Just my opinion, however.
daseva, Jun 25 2010

       ...where is the refined area?
xandram, Jun 25 2010

       It's behind the refinery.
pertinax, Jun 29 2010

       thanks [pert] - meet me there after you've had a few drinks...;)
xandram, Jun 29 2010

       Are a thousand drunk monkeys at 1000 typewriters any better?
Cedar Park, Jun 30 2010

       I'm a fleabit peanut monkey   

       All my friends are junkies   

       But that's not really true!
Zimmy, Jul 09 2010

       I've been bit and I've been tossed around every she rat in this town, Haven't you?
Zimmy, Jul 09 2010

       Yes, we know you're a monkey man ;-)
normzone, Aug 03 2010


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