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Non-bumping anno

A check-box to select if I don't want my anno to bump the idea
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Voice, May 26 2008

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       umm... usage ? you hiding porn in the archives or something ?
FlyingToaster, May 26 2008

       //hb as a porn archive// now theres an idea that should be half-baked!
as in, not fully baked.

I mean, I would never encourage anyone to do this, nor have I. I just think it should be presented by someon as an idea.

And then not carried out. Boned even.

Voice, May 26 2008

       I marked an anno in my own idea for tagline. But that bumped the idea. But I didn't want to be bumped, I only liked the anno I marked as a tagline. I need to go take my medicine now.
Voice, May 26 2008

       (-) Not worth the complexity, even if you had a better reason than (I'm guessing) humility.
jutta, May 26 2008

       Or humidity.
normzone, May 26 2008

       // I need to go take my medicine now //   

       Hey ! HEY ! That's OUR medicine !OUR MEDICINE ! OURS ! OURS ! PRECIOUSSSS ! WE WANTS IT !   


       // humility //   

       Remind us what that is ......
8th of 7, May 26 2008

       or humanity
po, May 26 2008

       Oh, the humility .....
8th of 7, May 26 2008


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