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Panel of Experts

People who know their stuff.
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A panel of experts who can evalute complex ideas and render an informed verdict on the viability of an idea that is presented.

These would idealy be non-idea submitting people who have demonstrated expertise in thier respective fields of study to aid in the determination of the efficacy of complex or challenging technical ideas.

They would help increase accuracy and help resolve confusion over complex systems and ideas from a neutral perspective.

Experts in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Meteorology, oceanography, human medicine, veterinary science, engineering, Auto Mechanics, electronics, Psychology, and other fields might be possible experts to have available.

Perhaps exisitng memebers could apply for positions as experts to be evaluated by the membership to be granted thier expert status at which time they could be consulted on ideas and could perhaps shed light on certian subjects.

Poster: It will work


Poster: will

anno: wont

Poster: will

Anno: wont

Expert: Never had a chance because.....

Poster: Oh I didnt know that, back to the drawing board with me.

Anno: I thought so! Gee thanks Mr. Expert, you saved the day.

jhomrighaus, Apr 20 2006


       sp: existing   

       So you're suggesting taking away posting privileges from people? We have many people who are experts in their field. Do you want them to stop posting? They already do the job you're describing.
DesertFox, Apr 20 2006

       I guess you dont need to take away thier privledges just allow them to have a tag maybe on thier ID that signifies that they are a known expert in some area as opposed to a self proclaimed prodigy of whatever type is in fashion that week.
jhomrighaus, Apr 21 2006

       Hypothetically, how would the candidates be judged as 'expert'?
Jinbish, Apr 21 2006

       Perhaps by submitting a Resume of Education, experience, training, publications, practical knowledge etc. Then you might have a rating system for such experts that might allow them to be rated by users. Then Based on the initial "interview" process and ongoing ratings people who truly are experts would have strong credentials and a recorded history of accurate "expert testimony" which would eventually result in a rating of expert (say after a net of 5 positive testimonials and an initial approval by the members)   

       If you have no qualifications to start with no one would vote for you. If you made up your quals and then were clueless when it came to testimony then you would never be classed as an expert. Only when succeding at both does one become an Expert.   

       Perhaps a wider focus to the areas of expertness such as, Science, Engineering/Mechanical, Medicine, Managment/Finance, History would cover a wider range of ideas.   

       An example might be a person who has worked for 20 years as an auto mechanic could be considered an expert when it comes to ideas involving cars and mechanical machines, but not in other areas.
jhomrighaus, Apr 21 2006

       What about that most elusive of expertise’s; the ability to think around corners? As far as I know, there is no accreditation to be had.   

       I can't think around corners - but I can see outside of the box. Is that any good?   

       [jh]. I don't think we need no experts here. Just pedants. Seriously though, if the ideas are going to be *halfbaked* anyway then the levels of expertise aren't so important. And I'm not about to fax copies of my CV to folk to show them that I'm an expert in kids cartoons shown in the UK circa 1970 - 2000.
Jinbish, Apr 21 2006

       [jinbish] Why ever not. I think that experts in Kids cartoons are sorely needed in the world today.
jhomrighaus, Apr 21 2006

       It is my Expert Opinion that this will not work.
DesertFox, Apr 21 2006

       It's my expert opinion that this is baked in the form of the Halfbakery. I come here when I'm not certain of the correct spelling of a word - I can rely on being told the correct spelling if I'm wrong :-)   

       My fields of expertise are varied, and as a eclectic expert I would have a hard time passing any test assigned.   

       You would have to have oral exams, perhaps at a Halfcon.
normzone, Apr 21 2006

       This idea has at least eight spelling mistakes in it... the ones I spotted : idealy/ideally, thier/their, exisitng/ existing, memebers/members, thier/their (again), certian/certain, wont/won't, didnt/didn't   

       Is this a test?   

       Did I pass?   

       Is a cow an expert in a field?
xenzag, Apr 21 2006


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