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Not losing post when logging in

How about keeping the post that was typed in, rather than losing it, if you have forgotten to log in?
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If I am not logged in, and I write out a new idea, then notice I am not logged in and fill in my user name and password, it should be possible to log in *and* post the contents of the suggestion. Or at least log in and not lose all the stuff I typed in.
AlexV, Jul 21 2004


       Because it's so difficult to copy it first and paste it afterwards?
angel, Jul 21 2004

       Click, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-Insert...Login...Click, Shift-Insert.
Simple! I do agree that its annoying to lose something you may have tired endlessly over. Was it this idea you originally lost? Now that would be ironic.
silverstormer, Jul 21 2004

       Not too difficult if you remember to do it. A couple of times I've copied and pasted into notepad, so I can copy both the main text and the summary and title. Of course if we are talking workarounds, you could always remember to log in first!   

       But just because there is a possible workaround doesn't mean that there is any good reason to throw away the stuff I've typed in without warning.   

       No, it wasn't this idea that I lost, as it happens. :-)
AlexV, Jul 21 2004

       Would it mean that the "new" menu link would not work unless you were logged in?
Ling, Jul 21 2004

       The New menu link already doesn't work if you aren't logged in. Sure, it puts up the form to type into, but this doesn't actually let you post an idea, and if you do log in or register, it loses what you have typed in to the form.
AlexV, Jul 21 2004

       So hit <back> on your browser, copy what you typed, log in, and paste it again.
angel, Jul 21 2004

       The halfbakery news page suggests that this was solved a long time ago (19th Sept 1999), as is quite obviously no longer the case. But if the mighty Jutta thought it worthy of fixing, who are we to argue?   

       I can't believe anybody fishboned this... if it was implemented, would people _really_ want it to forget their idea if they logged in half way through posting it?
david_scothern, Jul 21 2004

       could also open a new window (CTRL+N), log in on thee new window and copy and paste from the first. Ways and means....
jonthegeologist, Jul 21 2004

       Take a instant Polaroid.
skinflaps, Jul 21 2004

       "I can't believe anybody fishboned this..."
I did because it's the wrong approach. Rather than scrape content from an about - to - be - posted - idea, the site shouldn't let a user access the new idea screen if that user isn't logged in. I suspect it was fixed then unfixed by accident.
phoenix, Jul 21 2004

       Yeah - fix it either way please. Either don't open the anno window if you're not logged on or else carry the text through if you log on while posting. I sometimes remember to cut and paste, but then sometimes I don't. I'm not stupid, merely forgetful, and that's not uncommon!
wagster, Jul 21 2004

       Yeah, but you can never leave.
angel, Jul 21 2004

       Seems like a reasonable request. I'm not sure what the difference is between what got fixed in 1999 and what's now broken, but I'll (eventually... some time in spring 2010, probably ...) look into it. Thanks.   

       It's possible to see what the logged-in part of the site looks like, even if you're not logged in, because I am a very nosy person and absolutely hate it if sites withhold just how crappy their interface is until I've done a little dance and told them a name and password. (Granted, with other sites, it's usually an email address and password, but you get the idea.)
jutta, Jul 21 2004


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