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Non-vacuum cleaner

File this under probably won't work...
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Device for cleaning carpets that picks up dirt using the electrostatic charge generated dragging it back and forth (like shuffling your feet).
drinkh20, Mar 12 2002

The Mighty Mini http://www.fuller.c...g/detail.cfm?ID=185
Available by direct fulfillment. [reensure, Mar 12 2002]


       Probably a framing problem, tried a new link.
reensure, Mar 12 2002

       As reensure points out, this has been baked for a while. A lot of elderly people I know have one of these (or something simmilar) stuffed away in a cupboard somewhere.
mcscotland, Mar 12 2002

       Gents, you missed a small point: what's stuffed away in grandmas closet is a carpet sweeper which uses wheels to turn brushes. I'm proposing using the static electricty that builds up on carpets to do the work. My original thought was to use the static potential to actually run the motor but I know that harnassing this is very difficult; so instead I was thinking about using static to attract the dirt (just run your finger over that CRT you're sitting in fron of)...
drinkh20, Mar 13 2002

       This is baked as an ionizer. It takes all the dirt in the air and puts it on your walls, using electrostatic energy.
Amishman35, Jun 01 2002

       LCD thank you
-----, Mar 04 2004


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