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Non Stick Table Protectors

Yet another idea to prevent coaster drop
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It's all been said before re coasters, saucers, beermats dropping into the lap, we all know the problem so I won't repeat it. A slightly dimpled surface (to prevent vacuum forming) coupled with a non-stick PTFE coating (to prevent that dried-on-goo stickiness) should solve the problem.

Yes I know the trick about salt. Useful after the event or if you're drinking tequila.

Also, a quick search on "coasters" throws up a corrugated coaster by one Egbert Chucklebutty. Coincidence or what?

egbert, Nov 13 2002

Silicone instead of teflon https:/www.amazon.com/dp/B07KZBMQVV
[a1, Jun 08 2021]

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