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Red/Yellow Coaster

Get the red and your out
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They issue red/yellow cards in soccer I think the very same principle can be incorporated into many aspects of every day life.

Here's one example to save the barworker the hassle of having to explain why he/she is asking a patron to leave, or wanting a last drink when they're already intoxicated. Issue a yellow coaster/beermat with their drink which the doorman can clearly see and so can everyone else.Receive the red coaster and "that's your lot"!

I think this is in the right place.

skinflaps, Sep 30 2002


       Yellow croissant!
thumbwax, Sep 30 2002

       [Amos Kito] your link has me a tad confused or am i missing the point here? or should i say thrown off a twisty track.
skinflaps, Oct 01 2002

       I imagine that most drunken barflys would accept a card system better than a word from the landlord. Everyone knows that refs don't change their mind.
wagster, Mar 08 2005

       Another good idea from the past! +
xandram, Apr 30 2013

       Yep, random button is cool. If farmer John was, is still here he'd turn this into a bar sprung drinking driven coaster clock.   

skinflaps, Apr 30 2013


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