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Sticky Coaster

Glass/Mug Coaster that stays on the table
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Ever pick up an ice cold mug of tea or brew in a nice place only to have the paper coaster stick to the bottom? Makes you feel stupid. Well..try my new "Sticky Coaster". These are like sticky notes but a little thicker and absorb plenty of condensation. Just peel one off and stick it on the table. The adhesive is only enough to hold it from sticking to the moisture coated glass or mug and not pull the finish off a table. Heck all the beer makers will put their logos on them and the women will love them around the coffee table. --Ladd
lsheets, Oct 30 2001


       Tilt first, then lift = no coaster stuck to vessel.
quarterbaker, Oct 30 2001

       The glue would wear off over time. Use (a) suction cup(s) instead.
phoenix, Oct 30 2001

       Just sprinkle a little salt on that coaster or napkin and your drink wont stick.
eaeon, Jul 24 2002


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