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Segway Drink Coaster

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Use Segway(TM) Human Transport technology to keep your drinks from spilling. Now you can set your drink down on the arm of your chair, or on the bed next to you without worry of it falling over. Also useful on boats and can prevent spilling when table is jostled.

In order to account for tilting in 360 degrees, the wheels would have to be replaced. Either by a single ball to allow for motion in any direction or (if a stationary coaster is desired) a gel pad. When sensors registers a tilt, one or more of 8 pins would extend down "mushing" the gel pad thus forcing the gel to displace to the other side and therefore bringing that side up to level.

blahginger, Mar 08 2003

The Segway http://www.segway.c...y/how_it_works.html
[blahginger, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       We have 5 extra degrees now?
Parvenu, Mar 08 2003

       yeah, where you been? [Par]
po, Mar 08 2003

       Would you have to drink it with a straw?
FarmerJohn, Mar 08 2003

       360, 365...whatever it takes. [entry corrected, thanks]
blahginger, Mar 08 2003

       That's revolutionary. Can it really be as simple as that? Why isn't it already on the market?
snarfyguy, Mar 08 2003

       What's the chance of getting a Segway device that would keep *me* upright after imbibng that drink?
DrCurry, Mar 08 2003

       There's still a risk of sloshing the drink around in the vessel as the Segcoaster levels off, isn't there? Unless you can respond to very small movements exceptionally quickly.
pottedstu, Mar 08 2003

       Methinks the head on the beer will stop the fluid from sloshing excessively as the Segway levels out.
Cedar Park, Mar 09 2003


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