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non-stick coaster

Avoids embarrassing drinking accidents
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Every time I go somewhere sophisticated I have to put my beer on a coaster. Every time I pick up my beer, the coaster comes with it. I only realise this when I am able to focus on the general area of the bottom of the glass (ie. early evening), and as soon as I realise it the coaster slides off and drops in my lap. And it HURTS.

So when is someone going to invent the corrugated coaster, which can't stick to the bottom of the glass. Or the aerodynamic coaster, which avoids the parts that beers render inactive.

Egbert Chucklebutty, May 05 2001


       I've seen coasters that are made out of sandstone or some similarly porous stone; they work just as you would hope, with no embarassing issue of sticking to the bottom of your glass. For instance, have a look at http://www.rockymountaingiftstore.com/sandstone.htm.
magn0lia, May 06 2001

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jutta, May 06 2001

       Great idea! The same thing always happens to me; I look dorky enough sipping a non-alcoholic beverage through a straw at a bar without having to worry about the cardboard coaster sticking to my drink, falling onto my lap, and making a wet spot there...
lewarcher, Aug 16 2001


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