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Norton Commando Variation Zimmer

Racy zimmer
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A friend of mine has had to use a zimmer to get around, following a nasty accident. If only he had The Norton Commando Variation, he wouldn't maybe feel so stigmatised by the negative connotations of the traditional zimmer frame. *

This is because he would have the chrome handles, twist grips, twin dials, wing mirrors, headlamp, and dampened front forks of a replica Norton Commando instead of the bland aluminium spindles of a conventional zimmer.

* (In the UK, zimmers are synonymous with geriatric wards and decrepitude.)

see link for general idea

xenzag, Feb 23 2008

Norton Commando Handlebars http://www.britishc...r880_handlebars.jpg
[xenzag, Feb 23 2008]

(?) Wiki Zimmer? http://rds.yahoo.co...dia.org/wiki/Zimmer
[ye_river_xiv, Feb 23 2008]

(?) zimmer gender? http://rds.yahoo.co...emplate=MP%26id=560
Sounds kinky. [ye_river_xiv, Feb 23 2008]

Zimmer? http://rds.yahoo.co...g.aspx%3fPageID=125
In the US we generally call these walkers. [ye_river_xiv, Feb 23 2008]

Wow, that brought back memories http://www.classic-.../images/norton3.jpg
[normzone, Feb 23 2008]

Similar concept for computer screen _27The_20Who_27_20Moditor
Bun for modding anything and everything. [theleopard, Feb 25 2008]

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       Just get him to tell people it's his portable climbing frame.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 23 2008

       (I pushed some combination of keystrokes that completely & thouroghly deleted everything...WTFIT? )   

       I made some dumb joke about Zimmers & my name being Zimmy. It probably wasn't that funny, it's just that I hadn't ever heard of a Zimmer before.   

       The driving point of my joke was to be that it was my hope that within 5 or 10 years, they might be able to do away w/ such zimmers all together - w/ tings being researched on muscle control & what enables it. - bother, I'm a poor anno'er - I hope someone brighter understands & could better illuminate what I'm thinking!   

       +(They're called "walkers" in the US, I think).
Zimmy, Feb 24 2008

       I read this as "Norton Commander Zimmer" and wondered what the connection between a file manager and a walking aid would be. I'm a little disappointed now.
nineteenthly, Feb 24 2008

       (after thoughts) I'm thinking now that the mirrors would have be on elevated stalks to bring them up to head height, and would in themselves take on the appearance of chopper bike handles.
xenzag, Feb 24 2008

       Needs flared exhausts.   

       Pimp my zimmer.
skinflaps, Feb 25 2008

       A "Chopped Harley" version would be good ...
8th of 7, Feb 26 2008

       How about a sheep-shaped version? Or maybe a fibreglass kneeling nude (gender of your choice).
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 26 2008


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