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cusioned impants for the sole of your feet
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Since I passed 40 the bottom of my feet get sore when ever I do a long hike or run, and even just getting out of bed in the morning. The shoe inserts only go so far so I thought a good idea would be to have a silicone type implant for the ball and heal of your foot to cusion your step.
knot2bryt, Oct 29 2000

CURIS http://www.curis.com
Developing regenerative treatments -- late stage development in bone and joint reconstruction [reensure, Oct 29 2000]


       The other day we were talking about having our kidneys raised -- to be able to pee easier, so you might get an audience for this. It might be possible to harvest enough cartilage (by maybe stimulating the nose to grow) that sufficient natural shock absorber could be moved to the foot.
reensure, Oct 30 2000

       what about playing basketball or just jumping up and down like an idiot, what if it just broke? youd get a lot more pressure on it than say a breast implant.
tazguynn64, Dec 12 2000

       Just annotating to revive the idea. I was going to post this one, but saw it was Baked first. Croissant to you.
trekbody, May 05 2005

       And following in [trekbody]'s steps, this idea occurred to me today and fortunately I searched before posting. Google led me here. Although I had arch support in mind.
normzone, Jun 12 2006

       I, on the other hand, never thought of this at all. I just have sore feet. [+]
wagster, Jun 12 2006

       Although I disagree with [knot2bryt] regarding silicone. Saline, please. Although I'm really a fan of all natural, but that's another topic entirely.   

       Interesting. [knot2bryt] came on board in October of 2000, posted this idea, and never annoed or posted again.
normzone, Jun 15 2006

       This'll do wonders for your balance
shinobi, Jun 16 2006

       Although I disagree with [normzone] regarding saline. (sic) Saline is all in good if your feet are supposed to feel like breasts, but I personally would want something more like silicone, so that it offers some shock absorption, rather than diverting itself to someplace with less presure. Saline would be near useless if you walk heel-toe. I'm sure there are more natural solutions in a gel, if that's what you're after.
orphaeus, Jun 18 2006

       I've heard the horror stories of what leaked silicone does to a body. I'll take custard.
normzone, Jun 18 2006

       The real issue with getting this to work is having something that would resist the shear forces involved with walking and jumping in any situation where the foot didn't impact the ground perfectly vertically. Separating the fascia between the layers of tissue on the heel and sole would reduce their resistance to this force also, thus reducing their longevity. This is one reason it's alomst impossible to perform skin grafts on the soles of the feet. Hence I'm Oneoffdave and not Graftdave.
oneoffdave, May 14 2007

       I want a pair!
veryvermilion, May 16 2007


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