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How many turns app

App that tells you how many times you have turned around
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If the earth was just a gigantic ball of one kind of stuff, with a bunch of heavy-ended tails coming out of it that were made out of the same stuff, then it would be very apparent that the number of times one heavy ended tail turned around was usually ballanced out by the number of times it turned in the opposite direction afterwards, or the number of times another tail turned in sympathetic resonance. But with animals, plants and other stuff running around a planet, it is not as clear that they are all tied together in a resonant dance. But they probably are. And regardless of how complex the dance gets it is probably significant if you always break even, or if you consistently end up having turned around to your right 11 times each day. Whatever it would be cool to measure this.

So this app tells you how many times and in what direction you have turned around each day.

Oh also, most plants are twisted in a counter clockwise direction looking up because I am living in the northern hemisphere and plants follow the sun which appears in the south and so kind of twists the plants in a counter clockwise direction.

JesusHChrist, May 23 2015


       Is the number widgetted on a scale that goes from Archimede's statue to Whirling Dervish?
wjt, May 24 2015

       //in what direction you have turned around each day.//   

       But relative to what? A tree turns zero times per day relative to the earth, but once per day relative to the sun, and once-and-a-bit relative to the other stars in the galaxy. Relative to the rest of the universe, it'll be once-and-a-bit plus a very very tiny bit due to the rotation of the Milky Way.   

       And even then, the entire universe could be rotating at 100rpm and we wouldn't know it. This is not going to be an easy problem.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 24 2015

       Except for the coriolis forces.
mitxela, May 24 2015

       You have the right to remain static.
You have the right to any turny.
If you can not afford any turny, spun will be imparted to you.

       Do you understand these rights as having three lefts to you?   

       JHC drives NASCAR, and wants to unwind
lurch, May 24 2015

       Dizzy, I'm dizzy.
blissmiss, May 24 2015

       I'm pretty sure that if someone developed a type of gym class, strictly for adults, that involved holding your arms out and spinning round and round, it would be immensely popular.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 24 2015

       [2 fries shy of a happy meal];
Thank you. That was just the right amount of silly for a Monday morning (when I should be working...)
neutrinos_shadow, May 24 2015

       : ]   

       [Max] start with the simple personal first and when that's completely nailed (99.99999% correct) then increase your perspectives.
wjt, May 25 2015

       Isn't it called a clock?
pashute, May 26 2015


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