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Nose Band for Humans

Stylish and Warming.
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How many times have you admired the fluffy nose bands, as worn by racing horses ? I think they're designed to prevent the halter from rubbing on the horses nose, but I've often thought they look rather sprauncy.

Aside from mere aesthetic considerations, a fluffy nose band would be invaluable during spells of inclement weather. No longer would your winter strolls be spoiled by having to retreat indoors with a freezing proboscis. Instead, you could step out with confidence – fluffy nosegear to the fore.

cookster, Jul 24 2001

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       [sparky] : Hmm...it's not really the same though, is it ? I suppose you might acheive the same result, but with considerably less elan.
cookster, Jul 24 2001

       What if it slipped up and covered your eyes, this could cause to trip over a marrow salesman and cause and embrassing explanation on hostipal
bertie, Jul 24 2001

       Actually they're used to stop horses shying at things on the ground. So if seeing what you're stepping in freaks you out then I'd say go for it.
Helium, Jul 24 2001

       I thought this was going to be about some Nose Breather Monks Chanting
thumbwax, Jul 24 2001

       Lots of sporty sorts put plasters on their noses, I think to keep important nasal passges clear and aid breathing. Nosebands might encourage hyperventilation or result in lots of wheezing.   

       Equipping the office-fodder with horsey-type blinkers would encourage them to focus on the computer screen rather than waste time gawping out of the window.
AndyKnott, Jul 25 2001

discontinuuity, Dec 17 2006

       Adam Ant.
nineteenthly, Dec 17 2006


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