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Not About You

watch movies and take people out of them
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There are a lot of amateur drone movies of beautiful scenery out there ruined by having the person who took the movie front and center. This algorithm finds people in moving pictures of scenery and splices in what would be seen behind them where possible. Thus freed of the LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I can enjoy the beauty of nature.
Voice, Feb 26 2023

Remove unwanted objects in your videos https://www.youtube...watch?v=3MEcltDSyPA
[a1, Feb 26 2023]

Another - though just for still photos, I think? https://www.blog.go...oid-ios-google-one/
[a1, Feb 27 2023]

Timely https://comicskingd...y-planet/2023-02-28
Proof again that the funny pages follow HB [a1, Feb 28 2023]


       Tools to do this exist (link).
a1, Feb 26 2023

       Anyway it -is- about me.
pocmloc, Feb 26 2023

       Not after I erase you.
a1, Feb 26 2023

       Its still about me because it is ME ME ME who is (supposedly) being erased.
pocmloc, Feb 26 2023

Voice, Feb 27 2023

       There is a knock at [pocmloc]'s door.   

       "And you are ... ?"
"Erasers ..."
pertinax, Feb 27 2023

       See? Everyone is still talking about me. I'm fine this morning by the way, thank you for asking!
pocmloc, Feb 27 2023

pertinax, Feb 27 2023

       I thought it would be a funny idea. But even though its serious its good. Thanks Voice
pashute, Feb 28 2023

       I can see a market for doing this in an automated way, in the same way as those 360° action cams cameras on sticks manage to erase the stick from the video
hippo, Feb 28 2023

       [hippo], how automated do you want it to be? It may be possible but I think you’d still want a human editor to be able to identify the people and artifacts they want removed.
a1, Feb 28 2023

       If the default is to remove the drone operator, the drone might be able to tag that object on the video by sourcing the radio signal. Beyond that, you could either manually point out objects to remove or do blanket things like remove all people, all cars, all animals, etc. --the same object identification algorithms that modern security cameras have.
swimswim, Feb 28 2023

       Amend local Drone-flying regulations to require the operator to wear a ghillie suit whenever they are flying their drone.   

       T'would be great fun at weddings, no?
Canuck, Feb 28 2023


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