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Shy Swiss Army Switchblade

only available in CGI
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It's a feral paraparamilitary drone.

Like a puffer-fish, it responds to stress by simultaneously deploying its flick-knife, toothpick, pimple-popper, nostril hair trimmer, blow dryer and cigarette (thank you, [a1]).

Then it scuttles towards safety.

Ancestral memory leads it to associate pockets with safety.

Pocket- wearer discombobulation ensues.

pertinax, Aug 05 2022


Voice, Aug 05 2022

       Slight timing issue: a stressed out one of these clankrolling slowly towards me would tend to make my pockets shrivel.
4and20, Aug 05 2022

       + I think it is so cute!
xandram, Aug 05 2022


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