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quietly and with cool smartman befriends only nice people to save the world
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In the far future of December 2015, all kinds of destructive people yelling and preparing to create havoc on the background of noisy music are thwarted by Smartman, Silent - his personal aid, and his team of smart people who think things over.

When the giant loud and smelly monster attacks, Smartman (played by a lookalike to the late Peter Falk) gets together with Tinywoman, Cutekid and ProgRammer (Archie Panjabi, this time dressed modestly) who work their way into becoming small enough to become undetected by the monster, and do something to its food so that it changes and becomes domesticated.

They then look up a solution on halfbakery - a fictitious "physapplication" (the technology of the far future) to save the world from the hands of Obia Slamoff the fictitious leader of a fictitious religion with millions of followers who believe that noise and violence make the world more interesting. The smart team almost succeed when they discover that their idea had been tried 100 years earlier and cannot succeed due to a inherent flaw. (as pointed out on the physapp)

Throughout the movie, Smartman, who's real name is Alex Smaertt, but known by his nickname Smart-Alex, is presented with evidence that the events they were shown were actually false flags done by a secret conspiracy together with the establishment. Smartman and his team try to discern what the truth is.

The movie ends with the team in despair, calling the audience of the movie directly, and requesting their help for funding the sequel.

During the credits it is revealed that the fundraising is actually meant to save the real world, and not just for another movie production.

A side issue in the movie is the portrayal of Oldlady, a 98 year old woman author of popular books, who believes that her "aquatic ape" theory can assist with Smartman's team's mission, but turns out to be a distraction. Critics claim this theme hindered the plot flow, but in later years both Oldlady and her theory become pop culture and scenes portraying her, reach cult-movie status.

pashute, Oct 25 2015

nice people vs good people http://qz.com/88168...ead-of-nice-people/
Starts out plausable, but wanders toward wacko. [popbottle, Oct 26 2015]




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